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DIY Your Lucky Clover, Simple Craft Ideas

Long long ago, there was once a legend said, Eve, one of the human ancestors, took the four leaf clover out of Eden, which was so rare to find. Therefore, if you can get just one leaf out of those normal clovers, this rare four leaf legend will be able to bring you some unexpected good luck.

It is said that when you find the four leaf clover, you find the happiness. Because for the trefoil, the first leaf represents hope, the second represents giving, the third represents love, while a rare four leaf clover means happiness. Without the fourth leaf, someone can give, wish and love but is not always obtaining happiness. However, by owning a four leaf clover, you’re blessed to have your dream come true with luck.

Then, how can we possibly get a four leaf clover without climbing mountains and cross rivers since it’s so rare to find?

Nevermind X-D , let’s make it ourselves.

First, prepare four pieces of cloth shaped as the picture shows;
Next, thread four times per piece with the needle to connect them together;
finally, tighten the threads, and the DIY four leaf clover is made, which is stereo, simple, and lovely :-D

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